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Kalamunda Danger and Warnings

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Personal Security in Kalamunda, Western Australia

Kalamunda is a peaceful, semi-rural suburb located about 30km east of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Despite being known for its scenic natural beauty and welcoming community, it is important to be aware of potential dangers and safety hazards in the area.

Dangers and Warnings

  • Like most Australian cities, Kalamunda is not immune to crime, including theft, burglary and assault. It is recommended to take basic precautions such as locking doors and windows, not leaving valuables in vehicles and avoiding dark, isolated areas.
  • Fire is a major risk in Western Australia, especially during the hot, dry summer months. Residents and visitors should stay informed about fire bans, warnings and evacuation procedures. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services provides up-to-date information at https://www.dfes.wa.gov.au
  • Kalamunda is known for its natural environment, including bushland and forests. While this offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, it also carries inherent risks such as snake bites and falling tree branches. Visitors should research the area and seek advice from local authorities before embarking on any outdoor adventures

Emergency Services

In case of emergency, call 000 (triple zero) immediately. This will connect you to police, ambulance and fire services.

Useful Contact Information

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