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Distinguished and Famous people from Kalamunda

Dennis Cometti

Dennis Cometti is a prominent Australian sports commentator and television presenter. Born on March 26, 1949, in Kalamunda, Western Australia, he became renowned for his work in AFL (Australian Football League) commentary. Cometti worked for Channel Seven for over 30 years and provided his expertise and colorful commentary to millions of viewers. He is known for his wit, clever one-liners, and ability to add excitement to the game through his words.

Kieren McDermott

Kieren McDermott, born on June 4, 1961, in Kalamunda, Western Australia, is a former Australian cricketer. He represented Australia in international cricket as a fast bowler. McDermott made his debut for the Australian cricket team in 1984 and had a successful career that lasted until 1996. He played a pivotal role in Australia's triumph in the 1987 Cricket World Cup and was known for his aggressive and accurate bowling.

Kaz James

Kaz James, originally from Kalamunda, Western Australia, is a well-known Australian DJ, record producer, and musician. He gained popularity as one half of the electronic music duo, BodyRockers, known for their hit single "I Like the Way." Kaz James has also worked with renowned artists like Pete Tong and co-wrote and produced hits for numerous musicians. His talent and passion for music have earned him a strong presence in the international music scene.

Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin, born on October 7, 1975, in Northampton, England, spent his formative years in Kalamunda, Western Australia. He is an Australian comedian, actor, writer, and musician. Minchin rose to fame with his critically acclaimed dark humor, captivating performances, and satirical songs that often challenge societal norms. He has become a well-respected figure in the entertainment industry, with his notable works including the musical "Matilda" and his own comedy specials.

Lisa Scaffidi

Lisa Scaffidi, born on January 12, 1960, in Kalamunda, Western Australia, gained recognition as the former Lord Mayor of Perth. Serving as the Lord Mayor from 2007 until 2018, she was the first woman to hold this position in Perth's history. Scaffidi played a vital role in shaping Perth's development and promoting the city on national and international platforms. She has received several awards and accolades for her contributions to local government.

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson, born on November 5, 1966, in Kalamunda, Western Australia, is an accomplished Australian mountaineer and adventurer. He has successfully summited several of the world's highest peaks, including Mount Everest and K2, and has undertaken numerous expeditions in remote and challenging terrains. Robinson's passion for mountaineering and exploration has led him to become an inspiration for aspiring adventurers globally.

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